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retropie shutting down after splash screen after installing a shut down script for nespi case +

  • I have purchased this case from amazon (geeekpi (sales or support)) and I have revived no support whatsoever.
    I had a retro pie rev b board that was working properly with the 4.4.4 software and I just wanted to add a case to it for proper shut down.

    My original issue was:
    When I ran the github script it gave me an error message of “failed connection refused”. I know my internet is there b/c I was able to connect to putty.

    In the last 2 weeks I have checked all the other forums and youtube channels with no luck or no response back.

    I came across link,

    Today from 8 bit junkies that offered an optional shutdown script with a resistor change.

    Now, I installed the script to make sure it could connect and it went through fine. When I looked at the power pcb board (for the resistor change) i t was a later rev pcb that was shown on the PCB.

    I have an email to the 8bit junkies to see what they recommend.

    However, now when I try to power up the retro pie board without the nespi case it gets to the splash screen and powers down. I can’t access the f4 prompt via keyboard or putty via pc.

    When I place the sd card in the pc I can view content so I doubt that is corrupted and after retropie shuts down the red and greed LEDs on the PCB board are still lit.

    Can you assist in helping me get this running again?

  • I am having the exact same issue with my Kintaro Kuma 9000. I'm using a retropie image that I downloaded from arcade punks. I had originally used another image which did not have these power issues and booted up fine with the power buttons and showed the red LED light. But then I switched to another image and now have this exact same problem. It starts up and then right when the splash screen ends, it shuts down. Did you ever get a fix for this issue?

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