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Cannot find way to start Depthchage ROM

  • Pi Model or other hardware: 3B+ with 32gb card
    Power Supply used: Stock Canakit power supply
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4.4, with Emulationstation 2.7.6RP
    Built From: Raspian 4.4.12(1)
    Retropie USB Devices connected: mini wireless keyboard
    Controller used: Hori RAP4 (Playstation version)

    (Not sure what version, but these files are in the zip file)

    Nothing seems to get this game started. There's only Button 1, Button 2, Coin, Left, and Right.Pressing Coin (either 11 or 12) just resets the attract mode. Please help. :(

    alt text

  • @Mebejedi Yeah, I don't think that game is in lr-fbalpha anymore, or at least not officially. Pretty sure I had an issue with it as well.

    I switched to lr-mame2010 as that was where it ran the best out of my choices of lr-fbalpha, lr-mame2003-plus, and lr-mame2010.

  • @MajorDangerNine , didn't think to try a different emulator. (I monkeyed with 2003+ for a bit, but was having issues that may or may not have been related, so I removed it for now and am sticking with FBA.)

    So, how does the game normally start? After entering a quarter?

  • @Mebejedi Well, in lr-mame2010, after you insert a coin, the screen is cleared of the demo, then you can move the ship at the top left or right and fire depth charges left or right, while a sonar sound effect is played and submarines move about below.

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