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PS3 Controllers Bluetooth going haywire

  • I have searched and cant find a good similar topic for this. I have two PS3 controllers hooked up via bluetooth on my retropie. They run but sometimes when I am using one controller, it randomly goes haywire (buttons I dont press get activated, it leaves menus, goes up and down, etc.). The second problem is when I have two bluetooth PS3 controllers running the controllers sometimes freeze for a couple seconds at at time, buttons dont work and freeze also. I am trying to understand what could be causing this. For the most part I hear questions specific to not being able to pair the controllers but that is not my problem. Does anyone know what could cause these issues and how to fix? Is the retropie better suited and should specifically use hard-wired controls? Any info would be much appreciated. I simply installed the PS3 driver in the retropie setup menu. The PS3 controllers are standard dual shock controllers from the original system.

  • same issue with one wii u pro controller i chalk it up to interference with bluetooth i have not found a fix but if you can try switching to wired controllers sorry that this is not more helpful

  • would disabling the bluetooth, buying a bluetooth dongle and using that help? Is it the built in bluetooth as opposed to the adapter?

  • @common763 i dont think it would

  • @common763 Several users report good results by disabling internal WiFi module. So this script helps to enable and disable WiFi on the fly. Try before buying a new BT dongle this script!

  • thanks Cyberghost. Jumped over to your suggested thread and giving that a shot.

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