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Scanlines by default in Amiberry

  • Hello to everyone, starting with Amiberry 2.24 it is possible to enable scanlines as line mode. It would be great if it is possible to eneable it globally and not per-game basis. In the FAQ of their site they refer to a file named amiberry.conf in the /conf/ directory. In Retropie this file does not exist, also creating it and putting the right command does not work.

    This is what is written in the FAQ:

    Q: Can I enable Scanlines by default for all games?
    A: Yes, with v2.24 onwards a new feature was added, you can make a change in the conf/amiberry.conf file:

    Open the file, and look for the line scanlines_by_default.
    Change the value of that line to yes and save the file again.
    Restart the emulator for the changes to take effect. Note: Scanlines requires that Line Doubling is also enabled, which will cause a performance hit, since double the amount of lines will have to be drawn on-screen. Also, if your vertical resolution is not enough to display scanlines, this option will have no effect (it will revert back to no scanlines automatically).

    Is there a method to make it work in Retropie too? Thanks in advance.

  • @foxp4v According to the 2.24 release notes, amiberry.conf is the new name for adfdir.conf, the renaming occurring on startup of Amiberry 2.24 if the file is found.

    The adfdir.conf file used to be found in /opt/retropie/configs/amiga/amiberry/conf so amiberry.conf should be in the same location. Launch and quit Amiberry 2.24 if the file still has the old name.

    If the scanlines_by_default isn't available, then check that you are running version 2.24 in the About panel of the Amiberry GUI. If you are not running v.2.24, then you may need to install from source.

  • @dudleydes thank for your reply, the version installed was 2.24b12 i'll try updating from source, the file present in the conf directory was adfdir.cnf

  • @foxp4v I have looked through the recent commits for the Amiberry project and I can confirm that the option to enable global scanlines was added in v 2.24b13.

    Here are the relevant commits with dates:

    6 Dec 2018

    • Bumped version to 2.24b12 (commit #3654785)

    11 Jan 2019

    • Renamed adfdir.conf to amiberry.conf (#9c99adb)
    • Added global Scanlines by default YES/NO option in amiberry.conf file (#cecbd26)
    • Bumped version to 2.24b13 (commit #eb06777)

    Updating from source will install the latest version of Amiberry, which is now v2.24. Once installed, you should launch the +Start Amiberry script. This should rename the config file to amiberry.conf, which should include the option to enable global scanlines.

  • Thank You, worked great, now the 2.24 is installed also with binaries.

  • I have set scanlines on by default in amiberry.conf
    But it only looks good in certain resolution. Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies for example works best with screen height 270. Or else I got white wobbling lines, dont now how to describe it. Anyone else having that problem?
    Dont know how I can override the settings in whdload_db.xml if I want to change resolution.
    If I save the configs in an UAE file, then I loose my controller, its not detcted, so I must reboot, cant exit the game.
    Retropie. RetroArena on Odroid Xu4

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