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Running pc/mac games from RetroPie

  • Does anyone have experience with putting either a PC or MAC game onto a RetroPie image?

    Does it work? Or would it mean that it'll be an emulator running PC/MAC and then an emulator to play the game from there? (Sounds messy?)

  • @AndersHP That site contains copyrighted material so I would consider removing the link.

  • Oh. Rookie mistake, my bad. It said freeware on the front page though.
    I have edited the post to be of a more general question.

  • @AndersHP You mean without emulation? Do you want run the games on your Raspberry Pie or an PC using RetroPie? Games build for PC are usually build for the x86 compatible Intel processors and the Raspberry Pie isn't compatible with them. If you want run PC games on your RPi, then you need to re-encode (means compile or build) for that system. That only works with the source code available and only if someone ports it by changing the code.

    If I understood your question wrong, then sorry. Can you clear it up a bit, if I am wrong?

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