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ppsspp, how to install it on odroid Xu4?

  • I managed to compile it under odroid Xu4 in its latest version, it needed the library sdl2, to avoid the segmentation fault at runtime.

    It runs but with an error message:

    E: VulkanLoader.cpp:339: Failed to create vulkan instance.
    Vulkan is not availabe.
    Failed to initialize SDL with joystick support. Retrying whitout.
    Unable to initialize SDL: No available video device

    I used this article to compile ppsspp

  • The gpu Mali T628 of the Odroid xu4 does not seem to support Vulkan, an idea to compile ppsspp without Vulkan but rather openGL?

  • we are progressing, I had the creator online, it seems that the detection of Vulkan is not going well. It should switch to OpenGL, it does not. The bug is referenced, I'm waiting for its correction!

  • There seems to be another problem, the programmers on the hrydgard github tell me about the impossibility of running sdl2 without x11. It is necessary to recompile the sources of sdl2 with the kmsdrm option activated.

    Do you have an idea about what kmsdrm is and what additional options should I use?

  • does Retropie start in a particular window system? do i really need to install sdl2 with kmsdrm?

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    @kara I'm not sure how it's on the XU4, but on the PI there is no Windows environment needed. I don't know the details about the feedback you got from the upstream repo, but SDL can certainly run without X11 and (at least) on the PI it works only like this.

  • Thank you mitu, I will test an integration "like that", without modifying sdl2, in retropie and see if it starts, i will keep you informed !

  • excuse me if I do not give a lot of news about Odroid Xu4 trials, but I'm sick (cancer), I'm in remission, but the treatments are still heavy, I'm doing this on my free time, when I'm not suffering not too much !

  • i'm not sure what has been changed to get it to work. but i know the TheRA is runing commit version 0b9c212 at the time of me writing this.

  • Compiled in its latest version, installed on retropie, I will test it this week! thanks a lot !

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