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Is it possible to update PPSSPP to the last version?

  • I realize that the last version of PPSSPP is 1.5.4 so i wanted to ask if is possible to go to the latest version of the emulator

  • @Heartless
    apparently the development for PPSSPP has progressed in a way that the newer versions aren't viable to use because HLE uses more resources. Either that or the opengl libraries aren't compatible with the update, possibly using opengl 3 where the pi videocore only has supportive libraries for opengl2. Though I believe it could be crossed over, I do not think anyone is in the game to do this, partly because of the first reason, the other reason I don't know, I don't know how to code.

    If you wanted to, it might be a waste of effort.
    You could investigate the librelec image builds, they make images for sbc arm devices amlogic and raspberry pi. There might be something there anyways. They're the ones that probably have a working chromium with netflix widevine drm.

    Actually I'll update on this when I come back with something.

  • @Heartless
    While the libreelec ppsspp version says it is updated to 1.8.0, it seems much the same as the 1.5.4 version we have. With all the same rendering issues and performance, I think most of the updates do not apply to the opengl renderer that we have.
    There was the addition of only one new main setting, and the removal of two settings. Skip Frames by percentage of FPS or Numer of Frames. I can't say if it works or not, it seems to just skip frames the same way. The removal of the two hack settings, timer and stencil test.

    It is probably up to the PPSSPP developers, who know enough about the emulator to update it for us. Though this may never happen.

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