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n64 High Resolution Texture Pack Help

  • So i have Super Mario 64 with High Resolution Texture Pack working fine with the name " SUPER MARIO 64"
    I tried to put other High Resolution Texture Packs like mario kart 64 and starfox zelda and so'...
    but no matter what name i put it on the folder /.loacl/share/mupen64plus/hires_texture/ .
    nothing changes .
    Only the super mario 64 (i can see big difference if i delete the pack.
    Will love some help Thanks !
    tried different names and all... weird :\

    Pi Model or other hardware: 3b+
    Power Supply used: Adafruit 2.4A power supply
    RetroPie Version Used 4.4
    n64 Glide emulator

  • Hey, I know it's been about 2 months since you had posted and hopefully you've resolved this by now. It was actually some random searching that had brought up your post in one of the results. Anyways, a tool I always use when I'm messing with the Hi-res packs is Tool64 (a google search should pull it up as the first result). What you can do with that is verify the rom name (not the file name) and that's what the hi-res texture folder name must match.

    It's a really simple tool and you'll just browse to wherever you have the Rom saved then right click the rom info and check the Rom Properties and find the Rom Name. Perhaps your file name matches the folder but it's actually not the correct rom; there's also the chance that the texture pack is only for a specific region rom like it works with (U) but not with (E). Mario Kart 64 vs. Super Mario 64 is a good example of naming differences too; the internal rom names for the 2 are MARIOKART64 and SUPER MARIO 64. One's name is altogether while the other is separate.

    Maybe that could help out if you're still having any problems with the texture packs or maybe it could just be a tool to use if you hadn't already been using it. Anyways, I seen that your post had about 80 views but no replies on here so I figured I could leave something as I was passing by.

  • @Wookums
    Thanks a lot
    will try it soon :)

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