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Retroarch crashes when launching games (ES Windows 10)

  • Hello, I'm trying to play with some games on an old notebook (acer 5735, intel core due duo t9600 2.8ghz, 4gb ram, ssd, intel GM45 gpu that should have 64mb of vram + some other shared. But it might be up to 192 well whatever).

    I have the latest windows 7 drivers installed on windows 10. Because the generic windows 10 drivers did not allow me to launch EmulationStation properly.

    Emulationstation starts correctly since it's the same portable version I'm running on my higher end PC, but if I try to load a game Retroarch crashes.

    The log says: lvl1: ...launch terminated with nonzero exit code -1073741819!

    What should I do?

    I have tried to run the standalone windows versions of FBA and PPSSPP and they work just fine. Metal slug XX on ppsspp even works at full speed.

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    @brand said in Retroarch crashes when launching games (ES Windows 10):

    What should I do?

    Make sure your RetroArch works, this is not an Emulationstation problem. Also, this is a RetroPie forum, not a general RetroArch forum - you might want to try the libretro forums if you have problems using RetroArch on Windows.

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