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Backing Up Files

  • I have been working on a version of Emulation Station that runs on the PC and I am just about finished now. The project includes two beautifully set monitors back to back rendering different or same screen images for both sides with comfortable seating. I plan to show it off when I am completely done. My issue is backups. I am afraid this is out of my range or possibly me being paranoid to lose all this hard work. The project runs on a 4T internal hard drive but I would like to efficiently back all the files up just in case something happens to it.

    This is my library list of systems and titles totally a massive 3+Terra byte of information. I have also built a small console version emulating the games the raspberry pi is able to handle with no issues.

    Atari 2600: 501 Titles / On Console

    Game boy: 498 Titles / On Console
    Game boy Color: 443 Titles / On Console
    Game boy Advanced: 918 Titles / On Console
    Nintendo Entertainment System: 671 Titles / On Console
    Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 717 Titles / On Console
    Nintendo 64: 289 Titles / PC Only
    Game Cube: 539 Titles / PC Only
    Nintendo DS: 1,537 Titles / PC Only

    Sega Genesis / Mega Drive: 710 Titles / On Console
    Sega Game Gear: 267 Titles / On Console
    Sega Dreamcast: 153 Titles / PC Only

    Playstation 1: 1,205 Titles / On Console
    Playstation Portable: 466 Titles / PC Only

    I have researched many alternatives to backing this information up but I wondered if the community was able to help me understand better option to safely backing this up. As you can see there is a lot of hard work in collecting and renaming and cleaning up this many games that I do not want to lose.

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    Backups are never a bad idea. Get another drive - with enough capacity - and backup regularly to it (full backup weekly, differential backup daily) or an online backup service (like Backblaze or Carbonite).

  • @mitu Haha I didnt even think of an online backup service. Thank you

  • @Retribution But don't forget that an online backup isn't full under your control and access. It may be that just when you need it, your internet connection doesn't work or the site isn't available.

    Also, if you happen to have illegal ROMs, I'd think twice before uploading them to a third-party's server.

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