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Start/boot directly as C64

  • Hi,

    New oddball here so please dont lynch me just yet

    But i wanted a "reasonble" easy way of emulating the c64 and nothing else

    Is there a config where i can tell retropie to boot directly to C64 mode, maybe with a countdown so i have a chance to access config's etc

    i did give the doc's a quick read but so far no luck :-/

  • would EmulationStation set to kiosk mode do the trick?

    what i'm really after is a list of games at boot time

    practical there is no need to show what emulator etc is used once controller settings, sound etc is configured

  • Global Moderator

    @boelle You can configure Emulationstation to boot into the c64 system, showing you the list of C64 games in the system. If you enable Kiosk mode, I think this will hide the RetroPie system from view, so C64 will be the only system available.

  • that is more or less what i'm after, ie i want to hide everything but c64 mode, and if i can hide that so i just have a games list it would be even better

    but i will give it a go once i have found a place where i can get working games (prob broke a rule there)

  • Tried Combian64?

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