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how Enable video and images with default RetroPie theme

  • In the default RetroPie theme (carbon) for each game I want for the first 5 seconds the game photo to be displayed, followed by a video preview to start playing after 5 seconds.

    I don't remember how to enable video for the default CARBON theme. It's been over a year since I last played with this, so I forgot. Thanks.

    No other themes installed. Just the virgin default CARBON theme that came with RetroPie. I like it.

    And yes, I have already scrapped the game system and it has photos, videos and marquee downloaded for each game.

  • Global Moderator

    @hfgx1 Try changing the Gamelist view style to 'Detailed' or 'Video' in the Emulationstation's UI Settings menu.

  • @mitu OK I will try. Thanks for the advice. But I want to to make it 5 seconds display of the photo, followed by the view. I recall from a year ago that you had to manually edit a specific file. I forgot which one. Do you recall?

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    @hfgx1 It's probably the theme file (theme.xml or carbon.xml ?).

  • @mitu Now that sounds familiar. Will give it a try later today. Thanks alot.

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