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  • Using a PS3 Wireless on RetroPie with RP3. Diagonal works for other emulators but when I am playing NEO GEO games like Metal Slug will not shoot diagonal. Before I wipe out control settings and redo, wanted to see if there is a simple fix for this.

  • @common763 I might be totally wrong but, there's no diagonal shooting in Metal slug? Well there is w the machine gun when going from up /vertical to forward/horisontal? But non of the guns shoot diagonally. Can you jump forward-up in whatever fighting game?

  • @Dipkid You can shoot diagonally (actually choosing shot direction) when onboard of the tank or on top of camel.

  • well that is the answer. thanks to both of you. Thought I had to forget controllers, uninstall driver, and then start over. I was also having the same issue with Cyber Lip but assuming the same thing. Thanks.

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