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Note pad blue screen for Atari5200

  • System details:

    System 4.4.4
    Raspberry 3B+
    Recommended power supply
    Plenty of storage

    I have done all the suggested things in a previous post with no luck. I put the atari800_system="5200" in my /opt/retropie/configs/atari5200/retroarch.cfg file and believe it is being picked up. When I do select+x the system knows it is an Atari5200 rom but still get the note pad blue screen.

    Any further ideas?

    Note works fine for Atari800.


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    @Oldguy Maybe you're missing the 5200 BIOS file ( - 5200.rom ?

  • I do have the proper file. My ~/.atari800.cfg does not exactly match the one on the url you mention for instance they have
    Where mine is showing Atari 400/800 and RAM_Size=48.
    Many other variables are also different but I thought my retroarch.cfg override reset that.
    Any place I can reference all the variables in the atari800.cfg and what they do along with how to reset them in retroarch.cfg?

  • Now I have it where if I delete .atari800.cfg and then start an Atari 5200 game it works fine. But then Atari 800 games get an error that the computer crashed. If I delete the .atari800.cfg and then launch an atari 800 game it works but I can no longer launch atari 5200 games as I get the blue screen and note pad error. I tried adding the items to my /opt/retropie/configs/atari5200 retroarch.cfg and such but hat has not positive impact. The only differences between the two .atari800.cfg are:
    MACHINE_TYPE=ATARI 400/800 OR or Atari 5200
    RAM_SIZE=48 or 16
    When the 5200 works it has these:
    ENABLE-NEW-POKEY=1 versus 0 when the Atari 800 works
    STEREO_POKEY=0 versus 1 when the Atari 800 works

    Note if I delete the .atari800.cfg in ~/ either type work the first time so it builds the proper file. I would like to be able to do this without having to delete the .atari800.cfg everytime I want to switch between 800 and 5200. Any ideas?

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