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Shrinking image running attract mode

  • Hi. I have an image that is perfectly setup to my arcade. It runs attract mode and due to a few updates I made on controller settings and exit emulator mappings with the iPad, now sits at 256Gb and requires 400 Gb card to burn a backup. I semi-understand the new Retropi-mount to copy roms, I had an old image years ago doing it the “old
    School much more complicated way”. Need to shrink this image somehow, and after many hours and several failed attempts using pishrink, I need assistance to figure out best way to bring image to a more manageable size. I would like to mount to USB drive but don’t want to lose all my settings. Would like to get basics to 32gb card and external hard drive, bur is this possible without having another 400Gb card on hand and losing my arcade keyboard mapping configurations? If no it’s not, is there a way to shrink this image? Every time I try to shrink I get close then it fails (it’s been a while so I forget the error which I keep getting). Simply stated, I need to break apart my roms and controller settings without corrupting my precious image, or find a way to get pishrink to work when you have attract mode once and for all. Any help with next steps to make this attract image more manageable will be most appreciated!

  • @virg1 I want to also add that when I get the error when trying to pishrink, I am using a Seagate external drive due to the shear size of my image now (256Bb). Don’t have the computer hard drive space to run this on anything but external hard drive. I have a feeling this may be why it’s not working, and recall trying to unlock or something like that the Seagate to work. Each time getting close but in the end it fails before it shrinks with some error. Something along those lines. This is why not sure if better to break apart my image, or if there is a simple step I am missing when trying to pishrink for image and pishrink script sitting on an external hard drive. Hope this helps and thanks for any assistance.

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    Please add more info about your setup, as requested in

    Pishrink failing could happen for a number of reasons, but to diagnose it we need to know the exact error. The way I see it, you have at least 2 options

    • make pishrink work, solving the problem it has to shrink your image
    • install on a new sd card RetroPie and copy your ROMs and configs over, as described in the Docs.

  • @mitu thanks! I figured maybe I needed to remove certain pieces and start from with new image. Before I do that let me see if I can see if I can generate the pishrink error again or find some
    Notes I may have taken months ago. I do recall the error ultimately having to do with the external hard drive not having a certain access. I will try this tomorrow hopefully it will take me hours to run this again until point of fail. Part of me says to add more internal storage and try pishrink internally and not on External drive. I will also lookup what version Retropie I am running. Thanks!!

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