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NES games running slow

  • Hi!

    For some reason, some NES games run slow. I have overclocked my RPi 3B+ and can run most N64 games, all SNES games, all PSX games, all GBA games and many dreamcast games without any problem. Even PSP works surprisingly well.
    But for some reason, some NES games are running slow.

    The games in the Mega Man series are a god example. The games runs without stuttering or lag. But the music plays slow and the frame rate is also lower, but matching the sound.
    Any idea why this is? It shouldn't be a performance issue. It probably is rom specific since only some games are affected. Is there any known problems that certain roms doesn't work for NES?


  • Global Moderator

    @langest Do you have rewind or run-ahead enabled for the games in question ? What emulator are you using ?

  • @mitu I don't know if I have it enabled.
    How can I check?
    Emulator should be the default one.
    I don't have access to my pi at the moment, I just thought I would ask in advance since I didn't expect to get an answer within 4 minutes. :D
    I will post an update with more information once I have access to it again.
    Is the run-ahead and rewind feature documented somewhere? I can't seem to find it on the NES wiki page.

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    @langest You can find the settings in the RetroArch GUI - Rewind is disabled by default - also the Run-ahead, so if you didn't specifically configure them, they should not be active.
    Please some more info about which RetroArch version you're using and possibly a log file (/dev/shm/runcommand.log).

  • Maybe you're just using PAL (50Hz) ROM, while used to NTSC (60Hz) version ?

  • @Sano
    Yes, this is most likely it. Found this discussion on the same topic.

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