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Using video snaps on Ubuntu

  • Using Lubuntu 18.04, fresh install of Retropie with updates and using Comic book theme. I have most video snaps but wouldn't mind adding a few extra. I checked out ETA's video from a year ago where he has you use Steven Selph's scraper and got to the point where he wants you to SSH into the Pi and run the scraper. Is there a way to just open the scraper on my lubuntu pc without having to SSH from my Windows PC? I have 99% of the videos I want so mostly just want to link the videos I already have. Thanks for the help!

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    @wdcook3 Just exit Emulationstation and open a Terminal - you're already there, no need to use SSH.

  • Sorry, should have posted it earlier but I tried sudo /home/arcade/RetroPie-Setup/ and got back "Command not found," arcade is my pc name in the path. I just assumed that was because I was not using SSH. Is there a different command I type in to launch it?

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    @wdcook3 What is your username ? The path is /home/<username>/..., you can try using

    sudo $HOME/RetroPie-Setup/

  • My username is "arcade" I changed it from pi in the video to mine. I also tried double clicking on the file and hitting execute in terminal, a small black gui would pop up then quickly leave. Not sure if that helps. I'll try the "HOME" way in a bit when I get back to my other computer.

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    @wdcook3 Execute the file from the terminal with sudo, just like I mentioned before. It doesn't work by clicking on it, it needs a terminal to run.

  • Appreciate your help, got in with the last command! When I go to scrape now I get this error for quite a few games. ERR: error processing /home/arcade/RetroPie/roms/gamegear/Arena (USA, Europe).gg: hash not found

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