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Legend of Zelda Emulation station Theme

  • Here is a Custom Legend of Zelda arcade Mod of a arcade1up SF cabinet complete with gun holsters and lit marquee. I Started making a theme to go with the cabinet and im still adding things here and there to it let me know what you guys think of it so far.

    Main background image for games

    1st attempt couple baby steps of the theme basics mostly.

    2nd try adding a few more things to it such as times played publisher etc.

    3rd update and where im currently at, made the video frame scale bigger changed the hearts to the right png files (forgot to drop the black text comments on that one :-P, added game logo marquee (might make this bigger or move it somewhere else not sure))

    so far this is where im at trying to think of what else to add, i have to add alot more systems to the theme just mostly testing out on snes right now as i was making most of the changes in the master xml file. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. thinking about changing the main background image to something else that isnt so plain.

    UPDATE! 3-13-2019---------
    Added some more images and things to the game list as well as changed the rating hearts (apparently i still got the wrong ones need to change them again)

    changed the main background image to include a few more things, next thing i gotta do is move link and zelda to the front over the carousel text.

    Added all the system logos that i got as well as tweak some of the game list and fonts and such.

    here is a little video of the theme in action i know not everything is perfect but its a work in progress and is also my first theme i have done.

    a little more of a look-see at my zelda theme, still not perfect yet but def moving along. Thanks againg to hursty for taking a look at it and giving me some pointers. Any way let me know what ya think of it so far.

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