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Kodi on boot ES problem

  • So everything worked fine with Kodi until I when into the settings in emulation station and set kodi on boot. I use Kodi more than the gaming section so it made sense for me to have Kodi start at boot then exit to go back to ES if I want to game.

    So when I turn on my raspberry pi, the splash screens displays and then boots into Kodi fine. But when playing videos on YouTube or movie add on, the movie scrubber doesn’t display. Also, when I stop the video and try to go back to the main Kodi screen, the screen goes black. I hear the controller clicks so Kodi isn’t frozen. The screen stays black so in order to change movies or show I need to ssh sudo reboot. Then the entire process repeats.

    So I’m asking if anyone had problems with kodi on boot so I can try and narrow down the problem. When I revert back to launch emulation station on boot all works like it should. It’s only when it’s Kodi on boot.

    This happens on Kodi 17.6 and I think it was retropie 4.2 and also when everything was updated to the newest versions as of yesterday.

  • Found in an old post. Solution for others,

    Settings > Player > Videos > Playback > Adjust display refresh rate > On start / stop

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