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  • Hi Folks,

    after years of optimizing my image is nearly perfect.
    Just one thing that still annoys me:
    I have 200 roms in the FBA-Folder.
    They all work perfect.
    But at least three of them have an odd issue.
    When i make a highscores in "Ghost Pilots", "Twinklestar Sprites" or "Sonic Wings 3", they are saved - everything good.

    But it always happens that the highscores randomly vanish when i start them at a later point.
    Highscore reset, all gone, why?

    The 197 other games dont do that.
    Anyone has got similar experiences?

  • @sirhenrythe5th i have some questions :

    • which "FBA" emulator are you using ? there are several of them on retropie
    • are you using the thing that save a state when you quit the game and reload the state when you launch it ? (i don't remember the name, that's a retroarch setting)

    I find it weird that you would have hiscore saving at all with neogeo and lr-fbalpha, i took a look at the neogeo code and apparently hiscores support was never properly implemented, which would mean the only way to save hiscores in neogeo games atm is what i mentioned above (the save/load state at exit/launch thing).

    I'll add what is needed this week-end, however it won't work properly if you use the save/load state thing

  • @barbudreadmon

    I use the default FBA that is used automatically when you put roms in the NeoGeo Folder.
    FBA i think is shown when i open retroarch, cant verify it atm, i am at my girlfriend right now.

    No, i dont use the auto-state-saving function.
    Never did it and never will šŸ˜Š

    Well, as far as we speak about highscores and not about save state....Yes, the highscore-saving works right from the start since i use Retropie starting with 2.4. a couple of years ago.
    This does not only affect the NeoGeo Games in the Folder, but some other Arcade-Games i did put in the folder because they were not working with AdvanceMame, which i use for all the other Arcade-Games. "Raiden DX", "DoDonPachi III" to name two examples.
    They all save highscores when i exit the game from the start without any modifications or setups by me!

    I think this is concerned to the highscore.dat that is bundled within FBA.

    However, i never had the problem that highscores were not saved at all (what would have me change to another emulator / system because playing those games without doesnt make sense to me), but that 1,5% of the Games seem to reset the highscores randomly.
    I dont have an idea why ā˜ŗ

  • One more thing: i realized that the first time you play a Game with FBA a Folder is created within the FBA ROM-Folder.
    In this one Files are saved automatically which are named (i.e) "".

    I guess these are the highscore saves and "sc" stands for "score" (?)

  • @sirhenrythe5th said in FBA looses some highscores.:

    I guess these are the highscore saves and "sc" stands for "score" (?)

    lr-fbalpha doesn't create such files, the hiscore files have the .hi extension and are stored into the [savefile_directory]/fba/ folder, where [savefile_directory] is the folder defined by the savefile_directory setting in retroarch.cfg (i think it defaults to the current rom folder if not defined), it's also the folder where eeproms are stored (files with .nv or .fs extensions)

  • @barbudreadmon well, what can i say?
    I know hi and nv Files very well from MAME.
    But i have got these sc Files within the FBA ROM-Folder and it works great beside those three mentioned games.

    I really did nothing to the default settings, i just put the roms in the folder and played them....

    So, does that mean that i am the only Person in the World that has, by some kind of magic, highscore.saving in NeoGeo-Games????
    Cannot believe that, anyone else can confirm that these sc Files are no miracle? Buzz, Mitu, please say something šŸ˜‰

  • Global Moderator

    @sirhenrythe5th something, I guess.. What's in those files ?

  • @sirhenrythe5th said in FBA looses some highscores.:

    But i have got these sc Files within the FBA ROM-Folder and it works great beside those three mentioned games.

    All i can say is :

    • those .scfiles aren't from my emulator (i'm the author of lr-fbalpha)
    • apart from 6 games (and gpilots is actually one of those games), hiscore currently doesn't work for neogeo games (i tested to make sure i wasn't overlooking something)

    You are wrong about something, i can't know what in your stead.

  • @barbudreadmon and Mitu: sorry, i just had a look in the folder, i have a copy of it on my smartphone.
    It are fs-files that i meant!!!

    These are as well in the main folder as in a seperate folder within the FBA ROM-Folder called "FBA".

    Sorry for that, maybe i had "Sim City" in my head šŸ˜Š

    Anyhow, if even these fs Files are not responsible for the fact that FBA saves my highscores since i use Retropie, what the Heck is it?
    Is it really fact that highscores are not saved by default?
    I really did not change anything!!!!

    P.S. It's a honor for me to talk to the author of lr-FBA thx a lot for that.

    I will make a Video tomorrow when i am home again, where i play a Game, make a highscore, exit and start again so you can see that the highscore is still in the board. Of course without any cutting.

  • @sirhenrythe5th I just pushed hiscore support for neogeo games, rebuild from source and let me know if it fixed your issue

  • Tried it for some days now, seems to work!
    Thank your very much barbudreadmon!!!

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