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RetroPie Folder Not Showing Up On PC

  • Hello,

    So when I go into retropie on my raspberry pi and then go to the file manager, I see every emulator's folder along with their roms.

    When I tranfer the SD card to my PC, I don't see any mention of the RetroPie folder and the emulators/roms it should be displaying which is weird.

    What's going on here? Should I resort to having to use SSH to transfer files?

    Thank you,
    Tai Jones

  • @taiJones00 if you are on a windows computer then it will not recognize Linux filesystems. Easiest way to access your files is across your home network via a SFTP program like winscp.

  • @taiJones00
    The filesystem that is used on the sdcard by raspbian and linux; isn't identified by windows pc.
    Yes, you will have to resort to a local network transfer, you can get good speeds using an ethernet.
    I always used the samba-shares, it is easy to activate using raspi-config.

  • Oh I see. Yeah SSH shouldn't be a problem. I'll try using PuTTY since that's already installed. Thank you two

  • @taiJones00
    Or possibly the windows share is already activated on retropie.
    try typing the hostname on your network connected computer within the URL bar of Windows Explorer like this
    you need to know the hostname of your pi, but also you need to have samba turned on
    alt text
    You can change the hostname and turn on samba by using sudo raspi-config it is within that list of settings.

    Did you know Windows 10 has ssh pre-installed?
    I actually don't know how to transfer using ssh, but using the same a ftp client like filezilla could help. PuTTy I think also has a ftp client if you have the expanded version.

  • @Efriim Hm. That didn't do anything. No worries. SSH is okay

  • If you know the IP address of the PI you could also type the IP address in windows explorer like so
    to find your ip adress using ssh type

    but wait you need the ipaddress to use ssh. well sometimes anyways; i find myself checking the ip address using that command some times.

  • @taiJones00
    So does the wireless work on the game girl? It would be cool to write a script to easily disable and enable it to save power.

    Is the hdmi port still accessible? and then you might be able to sync a wireless controller and play on a tv.

    The RPI3b+ can get hotter than any of the other models, I wonder if installing a fan would be possible. Of course that would use more power, depending on the emulations you want to use, it would be easy to down_clock the cpu and benefit as well.

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