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Blown up Powerblock

  • I was working on my pet project - getting a 10" screen and Pi built into a single housing for Retropie fun, when I blew up something on the Powerblock.

    Note, I've had this PB for maybe 6 months now, without problems. I recently upgraded the Pi to the latest 3B+.

    Is Q1 a transistor? Super small component, but is it possible to replace it?

    Blown up Powerblock


  • Global Moderator

    The blown up component is a MOSFET, right:

    It is rated for at most 3.7 A. I guess that the Raspberry together with the display took too much current. With hot air soldering it might be possible to replace it if the copper plane is still intact.

  • Thanks, appreciate it.

    Good to know it's got a 3.7A rating... While I've since ordered a new Powerblock, I'll attempt to repair this one and find another solution to powering the monitor.

    I'm now thinking I'll split the power to the monitor before the Powerblock, and see if I can control the power for the monitor separately.

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    You could use the switched 5V output of the PowerBlock to drive a relay or bigger transistor.

  • Hello Florian,

    I just wanted to share that I have managed to swap the cooked component for a new one, and it’s fixed the powerblock back to working order.

    Thanks for your help. Managed to desolder the old one with some flux, desolder wick and some patience. Getting the new one in was easier than expected.

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