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  • Hello, new to forums so my apologies if I break any ground rules. To start off with, i have a fresh built raspberry pi 3 b+ running the latest version of retropi. I've updated everything i could in the settings. I'm using the official 7" touch screen and smart pi touch case.

    My issue is that I followed a guide online using the pulse bluetooth package to get bluetooth to work on my pi with bluetooth speakers. I had an older Sony stereo with bluetooth that I paired with my pi and it worked fine. While using the gameboy or psx emulator the sound was perfect no issues. As soon as I went out and bought a Altec Lansing "The Jacket H2O" bluetooth speaker I went home and connected my pi to it. It plays audio and connects fine but it lags out my entire pi while using the emulators and the audio lag is horrendous. It slows down the framerates while gaming. Any help at all on what's causing this lag or if it's the bluetooth speaker itself would be nice. I did order a Doss Soundbox off of Amazon in the hope that works but I won't have it for a few days to confirm if it helps.

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