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USB reading not working

  • Hi guys,

    I followed the instructions about the USB configuration but I’m facing some issues.

    If the main folder is called retropie-mount, the system can read all the roms on the USB, BUT the RP menu doesn’t show and the in game configurations can’t be saved.

    I tried calling the usb folder as retropie as i saw it was a suggestion. This way, the system doesn’t read the USB stick at all.

    How do I procceed? USB reading is the only way I could use my raspberry.

  • Global Moderator

    Please add more info about your installation -
    You want to transfer your ROM to the sdcard from the USB or you want to run your ROMs off the USB ?

  • @mitu I want to run it from the USB. Retropie version 4.4

  • Global Moderator

    For the RetroPie menu - check if you have a retropiemenu folder under the retropie-mount folder on the USB. If you don't, then re-install the retropiemenu package from the core packages section in the RetroPie setup script. Make sure you have your USB plugged-in.

    For the 2nd problem - you'll have to be more specific: what does in game configurations can’t be saved ? The emulator configurations are not saved on the ROM folders.

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