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Emulationstation crashed trying to pair PS3 controller

  • Hi everyone.

    I seem to have hit a bit off a problem here that I've never had.

    I'm using a pi3 with stock 4.4 image all upto date with 4.4.11

    I'm using a Samsung Evo 64gb SD card with a official raspberry power supply.

    The problem I'm having is there when I connect a second PS3 controller and disconnect the cable to use over bluetooth I am hit with a blue screen saying emulation station has crashed, check rom folder permissions etc.

    Now I haven't put any ROMs onto it yet, I've been starting fresh on a new SD card.

    I've done first boot, updated to latest version, disabled WiFi like I normally do to get all 4 PS3 controllers working and then installed the PS3 driver.

    That's all I've done from a fresh install to have reached this problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • @robmcc83 I did a fresh setup with 4.4 this past weekend and also using PS3 controller on a Pi3. I had a ton of issues with updated build. I think a lot of bugs were introduced. I ended up re-imaging back to 4.4 stock and updating just the emulators individually to latest binaries (and some cases sources). but kept emulationstation at stock 4.4. I would recommend you try that.

  • administrators

    I think there's an issue with latest SDL2 and ES. May roll back for now and revisit after retropie 4.5.

  • It's not just me then thank god lol.

    At least there is others with the same problem, nothing worse than being the only one with the problem.

    Kinda can't play any more than one player games with this issue.

    So if you roll back let me know and I'll re image and update, if not I'll try the way duxa suggested.

    Thanks guys.

  • Any news on wether this has been rolled back?


  • administrators

    @robmcc83 it has. you will need to update.

  • Perfect!
    Thanks @BuZz

    Do we know what was the cause of this.

    Why it would cause emulation station to crash when trying to pair more than one PS3 controller?


  • Global Moderator

    @BuZz If you meant to revert to the previous SDL version, I don't think it works, the sdl2 module still pulls the 2.0.9 version.

  • administrators

    @mitu ah. Probably didn't push it. Will do that now.

  • Something is still broke.

    I've done a fresh install updated and then tried to pair PS3 controllers.

    Although it doesn't come up with the blue screen saying emulationstation has crashed anymore, I cannot pair more than 2 controllers.

    Where as before I've always had 4 controllers setup with retropie.


  • I have a similar problem.

    Raspberry Pi 3B+
    Fresh install from Retropie 4.4 image, updated to 4.4.11

    I have 4 8bitdo NES30 bluetooth controllers. if I connect more than one, then disconnect one by powering it off, Emulationstation either crashes with the blue screen as mentioned above, or Emulationstation freeezes.

    I'll try an update tonight and report back if my problem gets fixed with the reverted version of SDL2 or if I end up with the same problem as @robmcc83.

    • Jeff

  • Running the update appears to have fixed the problem for me. Tested real quick with Super Bomberman 3 on SNES and Crash Team Racing on PSX and all four controllers are working. Powering off a controller while EmulationStation is running no longer causes it to crash or freeze.

    I'll keep an eye on this and report back if anything changes.

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