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udev rule already exist for gamesir controller

  • hi, can anybody help me out?
    i have been struggling setting up my g4 gamesir.
    it was really straight forward setting it up in ES, Then i easiy got it working in retropie. the problem i had was once i launched any rom all the keys were mapped wrong or didn't work. Eventually i found a solution in a youtube video post. This maybe useful for other user with this controller.
    The solution was to turn on the gamepad while holding R1,X,Start at the same time (just long enough to turn it on) instead of the start button flashing green it flashes blue. This corrects the problem with the key mapping.

    This leads me to my current problem:

    When i initially set up the bluetooth. i selected the option to set up a udev rule so it would start on boot. i Removed the controller from the bluetooth devices and re added it now that is working correctly. the problem is now i can not add the udev rule because it already exists (but no longer works)
    Long winded i now (sorry)....but can anyone tell me how to remove this rule so that i can redo it?

    "an entry already exists for gamesir-g4 in /etc/udev/rules.d/99-bluetooth.rules"

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    @terry68 If the rule is already added, why would you need to remove it and then add it again ? To remove the rule, you can simple remove or rename the file mentioned (/etc/udev/rules.d/99-bluetooth.rules).

  • @terry68
    I don't have my pi set up right now so I can only give directions ad-hoc.
    If you have a usb keyboard, pressing F4 will exit emulationstation and bring you to the Command-Line Interface(CLI). There is a text editor called nano that is easy to use and you will need to use "root" elevated privleges for editing the file; type into the CLI using "TAB" key for auto completion where necessary.
    sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/99-bluetooth.rules
    make changes to the file or remove it using "rm"
    sudo rm /etc/udev/rules.d/99-bluetooth.rules
    careful not to remove something else as sudo will allow you to remove anything but "rm" will not allow you to remove directories when invoked like this.

    Or you could set up SSH on the pi and access from a computer. In windows 10 ssh is built-in, otherwise download and install an SSH program like "PuTTY" and type the commands into it when you finally connect.

    If you have a keyboard. The file manager "mc"(midnight commander) will also work to navigate and delete the "99-bluetooth.rules"

  • @mitu the rule no longer works, i have to maually connect every time. As i understand the controller now uses xinput (after turning on with r1,x,start).

  • @Efriim thanks for that info, i'll try it when i get back home later.
    i'll report back.

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