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Slow SFTP/SCP transfer speeds.

  • Sending roms via SFTP or SCP only transfers at 20KB/s on both ethernet and wifi. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

    I've tried overlcocking the SD card to 100MHz since mine can use those speeds but it hasn't changed the transfer speed.

    Anyone know what I need to do to make it faster?

  • set a firewall rule? or disable

  • It wasn't the firewall. I did a number of tests and the problem only appeared when the sending computer was sending files over ethernet, if the sending computer was connected by wifi it worked fine and it didn't matter if the Raspberry Pi was eithernet or wifi so it was a bit strange. Talked to my ISP and got a replacement router and it works fine now.

  • @Krytern be careful with overclocking your SD card. It's fairly easy to corrupt them that way. It's also pretty hard to detect that the card is getting corrupted until it's too late.

  • @quicksilver If the SD card supports those speeds (I think mine does) is it still easy to corrupt them?

  • @Krytern
    That's a good question. The configuration exists. I read that the sd_overclock has to be a multiple of the core_freq, otherwise it will choose the next highest factor.

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