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Which game is this?

  • Hello all,
    A couple of days ago I have briefly tested an arcade (mame) game.

    As it was nice I wanted to play it again - but I cannot find it now (due to the large number of arcade games I have) .

    Since I did not have collections switched on in retropie I cannot look at recent games.

    That game was a shooting game where behind windows or objects either terrorists popped up (so you had to shoot) or civilians popped up (no shooting them)
    The player position was fixed (no movement with the joystick) and the shooting was done with the b a x y rt lt buttons. So for example shooting bottom left was b button, bottom middle a button etc. with a total of 6 possible target zones

    Does this ring a bell to anyone? What is the name of the game?

    Any pointers would be very appreciated!

  • The game concept sounds like Which MAME version did you use? And what time period would you consider the game, what was the theme of the game (like western?)?
    Edit: I have looked up other games from same developer. Maybe this is what you search? Or maybe not, its a Master System game.

  • @thelostsoul Thank you for the suggestions. The game I tested was about terrorists with machine guns, bombs etc so not western style.

    I am unfortunately not sure what period or mame version this was. All I know from sure that it was in the arcade group in emulationstation.

    Thank you again

  • Update:I found the game. It is called Crazy Fight

    And the way I found it was by sorting my games in emulationstation by "last played" and bingo, it was towards the top of the list. I did not know that there was such a feature. Now I do :) Retropie impresses me - kudos to the team behind it :)

  • Cool, didn't know that too. Crazy Fight looks really cool, I will try it out soon. :-)

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