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Mame 37b5, Rom folder, Player 2 Controls and Attract Mode

  • @sirhenrythe5th it's best to start with a full non-merged set because then you can be certain all files/bios are intact and each rom can be used standalone. You don't need to put all the ROMs on your pi however.

  • @quicksilver ok, i think in our days is this the way you do it.
    I started with MAME back in the 90s with 37beta5.
    There were no full Sets avaiable in this aera and you collected every new rom as soon as it was supported by new MAME Versions.
    Over the years it became Gigabytes and as far as we dont have 33.6k Modems anymore i can unterstand that no one is Interessen to download just the roms you might like but all at once.

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    @sirhenrythe5th ‘non-merged’ romsets don’t describe a complete collection of all roms for the given mame version, they just describe the way the romsets are packaged. a non-merged romset for pac-man, for example, would contain both the unique pac-man roms and the roms it shares from its puck-man parent.

    you can just download the individual non-merged romsets for the mame version in question, if you prefer :)

  • @sirhenrythe5th I agree with you. I really don't want all of these ROMs.. I could probably narrow it down to 50-100 of my favourites. I do like the ability to have them at hand though incase I read about a game I never played back in the day.. or one someone recommends.
    I would like to build up my favourites and then maybe add to them as I read or hear about games id like to add.
    So am I right in believing a list exists that shows which ROMs require others (parents) in any given set??

  • @jamietuley
    Hi again.

    A1. lr-mame2000 and mame4all are both compatible with 37b5 I think either could be used.

    A2. the 37b5 roms can go directly in "mame-mame4all" or "arcade" folders. I placed samples in the "bios" folder somewhere I couldn't tell you if this is always correct, sometimes the only thing that would work was placing them in the "roms/arcade" folder side by side with the roms.

    A3. The controls layout will be configured when using the EmulationStation controller config. This should automatically work for retroarch emulators. Entering the retroarch menu it is possible to adjust the controls for both players. The hotkeyshortcut for Retroarch menu while running a libretrocore pressing hotkey+X, I dont know the keyboard shortcut but it is possible. The menu for mame4all is its own and it will probably need a keyboard to enter it, try "esc"or "tab" but I have never tried.

    A4. Through RetroPie Package manager. Installing a theme is another thing, and I havent ever done this but I might give it a try and let you know how it goes. Use this Front end chooser.

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    @jamietuley said in Mame 37b5, Rom folder, Player 2 Controls and Attract Mode:

    So am I right in believing a list exists that shows which ROMs require others (parents) in any given set??

    the compatibility lists show this, but as said - a non-merged romset removes the requirement of parent files - each romset .zip is standalone.

  • @quicksilver

    I can totally understand why someone would choose MAME 2000 over 2003 tbh, after my experiences with both sets. It's much easier to deal with imho. It's a more reasonable download size for starters, being about 2.4GB if memory serves versus up to 16GB for MAME 2003 Plus. The fact that it's already free of games that just won't run on any Raspberry Pi model, like Tekken, Virtua Racing/Fighter etc makes it even more compelling. The user doesn't have to spend any time filtering it out. Nobody really wants 16GB of MAME on their SD cards, and the time and energy involved in curating it for the Pi is astronomical. Then couple that with the fact that a lot of the games either work, or if not have a working clone or bootleg in the set makes it again a very good choice - just imho.

    'More accurate emulation' has it's downsides for machines like the Pi, whichever model you use. If it's just the ability to run some classic 80's and 90's arcade games on your Pi, then there's very little between MAME 2000 and 2003. Just imho.

  • @jamietuley

    Here is to install the front end chooser, it is possible to paste a clipboard into ssh using right click on the PuTTY screen.

    • Install frontend-chooser via SSH or Command Line Interface
    mkdir frontend-chooser
    cd frontend-chooser
    • The packages for Different Frontends are found here in RetroPie Setup
      sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/
      or from emulationstation; RetroPie Setup.
      RetroPie-Setup >> Update RetroPie-Setup script
      RetroPie-Setup >> Manage packages >> Experimental >> attractmode/mehstation/pegasus-fe
      it is good to update first. attractmode is at the bottom of the list.


  • @Efriim thankyou so much for all your input on this.. as I'm not the best with all the technical stuff, though I am slowly learning.. I will have to sit down with this and have afew reads to make sense of it all.

    At this stage I'm just trying to decide what direction to go with which MAME set to use.

    I am of the same option as @Ranma in regards to the games I want to play dont really go as far as the more demanding ones like Tekken etc. My arcade era in the 80s and probably go as far a when TMNT and WWF came out - that would have been around 1990/91 Im guessing?

    So with that in mind am I ok with sticking with 37b5? If so should I be using lr-mame2000 instead of mame4all? Is there a big difference?

    Also @dankcushions pointed out about non-merged romset is obviously the way to go - does anyone know if a 37b5 one exists? I did have a look but it was a little fruitless.

    Because a non merged set doesn’t rely on parent rooms I thought I could just cherry pick what I want and put it on the Pi instead of having 1000s of Rome on there.. though this way I would have to check what is working first?….

    Is another recommend way of filtering out what you want just sticking with the whole set but selecting favourites? I did try and select a few favourites last night (pressing Y on my controls) but then couldst see where the ones Id selected get listed??

    SO MANY QUESTIONS and I do apologise - its just a learning curve and I REALLY appreciate all the help!

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    if you're cherry-picking the ones you want to transfer across anyway i see no reason not to go with the more compatible and larger mame2003 0.78 romset collection. i mean, you don't even have to download the whole 0.78 romset collection - you can download the individual roms. if you don't want tekken, just don't download it :P

    remember the year of the romset collection doesn't just dictate the latest games that it collects. 2003 (0.78) will also run the games from the 80-90s more accurately than 2000 (0.37b5), as well as run more games from that era.

  • @jamietuley there DO exist sites where you can still download single files and so you can cherry pick directly without searching and downloading a Full Rom-Set for 37b5.
    Of course we cannot give you links here, but i recommend to search just for something like "old mame roms" i.e. with a search-engine.

    Side-Effect: there will be a lot of roms, that have not changed over the time or are still compatible with newer Versions.
    I used one of the sites and picked a lot of the roms the site-owner used with an older Version of MacMAME. Over 90% run with Mame4all as well as with AdvanceMame (0.106 Romset under the hood).

    So: try & error can bring quit good results without really searching for a special romset. After 100s of upgrades that can be very hard to find any for 0.18beta5 for example.
    And you can use Rom-Managers anyway to get incompatible ones to run ;)

  • @jamietuley
    In emulation station.

    press the "select" button with a rom selected then choose "edit this game's metadata"
    choosing delete it will delete the file too. If you change it to hidden it will only be hidden in kid or kiosk mode. You can also "Scrape" and the built-in scraper will search the database for that rom and find artwork and metadata for it automatically.

    now back out and press the "start" button.
    The first menu item is SCRAPER, in this you can change the database that is searched when using the built-in scraper to search for artwork and metadata (SkyScraper is an optional retropie_package that is more in depth for scraping roms than the built-in and for creating quality art, it can be used to search for preview videos as well).

    Go back to main menu.
    Enter UI SETTINGS. Here you can change the UI MODE to kiosk or kid mode which will hide some menu items and also any hidden games. There is a screensaver behavior setting that will play the random videos of your roms if you have scraped any videos using skyscraper. Change transition style to instant.

    Go back to Main Menu
    Enter GAME COLLECTION SETTINGS. Select "AUTOMATIC GAME COLLECTIONS" and check Favourites and Last Played. This will enable all of your favourites to exist together in ES.

    If you add the frontendchooser to retropiemenu as I posted earlier it will require a keyboard to navigate. Perhaps @mitu will know how to invoke to enable the controller to be used in an added menu script.

    #!/usr/bin/env bash

  • Thanks for the info @dankcushions..

    So I think my route would be to cherry pick from the 0.78 romset :)

    I have found somewhere that has a ‘full non-merged romset’ and I think I am able to download individual rom zip files..

    Just one thing though, take 1942 for example. There are 3 different zip files to choose from 1942, 1942a and 1942b. Then on the compatibility list supplied on the retro pie MAME section the list says that 1942a and 1942b have the parent rom of 1942.

    Is it that this list doesn’t refer to a ‘full non-merged romset’? so if for example I just downloaded 1942a, it would run fine without the parent rom 1942?

  • @Efriim as always huge thanks for such in depth help!!

    I shall be sitting down with these instructions tomorrow when I have a day off work :-D

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    @jamietuley said in Mame 37b5, Rom folder, Player 2 Controls and Attract Mode:

    Just one thing though, take 1942 for example. There are 3 different zip files to choose from 1942, 1942a and 1942b. Then on the compatibility list supplied on the retro pie MAME section the list says that 1942a and 1942b have the parent rom of 1942.
    Is it that this list doesn’t refer to a ‘full non-merged romset’? so if for example I just downloaded 1942a, it would run fine without the parent rom 1942?

    yes, so in this case there are three variants of the game 1942 - 1942, 1942a and 1942b. if these are 'non-merged' romsets, then any one of those will contain all the files it needs to run, with no dependencies. 1942 being the parent of 1942a and 1942b will make no difference.

    the parent aspects of MAME only matter with split romsets - see,-Rebuilding,-and-Filtering-ROM-Collections#crash-course-in-arcade-rom-terminology

    whether you need the BIOS files present or not depends on how the the non-merged romset collection was built.

  • @dankcushions said in Mame 37b5, Rom folder, Player 2 Controls and Attract Mode:

    (i should say that i misspoke before - according to that link you still need the BIOS files for romsets that need them, even when using a non-merged romset. however i believe that one can build a collection where even the BIOS files are integrated)

    Are you sure? According to what you linked it says:

    "Full Non-merged: All ROM sets can be used standalone because each zip contains all the files needed to run that game, including any ROMs from 'parent' ROM sets and BIOS sets. "

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    @quicksilver yes it depends on whether it's "full non-merged" vs "non-merged" (see same link). i've never seen any romsites makes this distinction so now I don't want to imply that you are safe to ignore BIOS files. it depends on who built the collection.

    reworded my reply a bit.

  • @dankcushions Ah I see, thanks for the clarification. I have pretty good grasp of mame but I still am learning new things!

  • @dankcushions thanks for this. The site I'm getting the 0.78 says they are FULL non merged do I guess that's safe cherry picking. I have a selection of my own personal favourites plus I've looked at some top 100 classic arcade games lists and going to grab those also. Im sure I'll add more over time but this should be a good base selection.
    Then I can move onto sorting the front end through @Efriim very helpful instructions!
    Thanks again to all in this post who have helped.. I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon 😉

  • @jamietuley
    It is possible to change the order of the emulator/systems in emulationstation, it is a rather manual process, from the command line
    cp /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/
    This file contains relevant system information for EmulationStation as well as the alphabetical list of systems.
    Now you can edit this using nano recommended only if using the terminal directly accessed by pressing "F4" (type exit to begin emulationstation again)
    nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg
    (Hold Shift to highlight, Ctrl+K to Cut, Ctrl+U to uncut)
    through the network share by finding \\\configs\all\emulationstation\es_systems.cfg
    and using your windows text editor.

    It is important to keep the enclosing brackets <system></system> intact when selecting the text to change the system order.

    I would just skip attract mode. There are some pretty good themes in ES and you can still configure the order of the systems.

    Pegasus FE is perhaps a better alternative to AttractMode

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