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Xin-mo two players

  • Hi everyboy,
    I have installed xinmotek controller dual player in my raspberry pi3. I added the line in the boot/cmdline.txt and indeed it has been detected correctly. When I try to configure the joystick in emustation using the configure input menu, I correctly see gamepad 1 when I bind buttons and joystick to player 1 and the same for gamepad 2 for player 2.
    Once i finished I can move the menu and go in and out with both joystick, but when I reboot the Pi or try to play at any games, the first joystick I bind it's kinda loose the configuration and it works only the last one configured. I'm really lost please help
    thanks a lot for any good advices

  • Global Moderator

    @nibe The 2 gamepads share the same configuration - it's enough to configure 1, the 2nd will get the same config. If you re-configure one of the players, the other one will be configured similarly - there's only 1 config for both players.

    EDIT: This applies to any Libretro (RetroArch) based emulator.

  • @nibe as @mitu stated you only need to configure one controller. However if after reboot player one is messed up it means you didnt wire up both players identical.

  • thanks guys indeed now it works thanks again

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