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Gamepad calibration problem

  • Hello! I recalibrated the analog sticks on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and saw that Retroarch emulators, or at least lr-pcsx-rearmed, completely ignore the calibration. jstest and jstest-gtk show my changes on the sensibility of the sticks, and calibration is restored with no problems after every restart, but lr-pcsx-rearmed uses the old, original sensibility, where its evident that the sticks don't reach the full -32767..32768 range (PS1 Moto Racer doesn't lie). Non-Retroarch emulator PPSSPP uses the calibration and plays amazing now. For reference, I also have a PS3 controller, which works flawlessly on every emulator without needing calibration (haven't tested messing it up, to see if the change is reflected on Retroarch).

    I followed every step in here:
    ... but I bet the problem is in the udev driver in Retroarch.
    The gamepad is only recognized as /dev/input/js0. Should it have an entry in the /by-id/ directory? What is the "udev" driver anyway? Anytime I change it to "linuxraw" or "sdl" the gamepad gets disabled.

    Any tip is appreciated.

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    I think udev it's used only for detection and enumerating devices and evdev is used for actual joystick/gamepad interaction.
    Linux has 2 APIs for joystick/gamepad - - , jstest/jscal use the old API, while RA uses the new (evdev) api.

    Normally, I think the SDL2 input driver should support your gamepad - see this auto-configuration in the Libretro repository.

    If you wish to calibrate the gampead using the new API (evdev), then you need to use evdev-joystick - see the 1st page on the ArchWiki I posted, which has a lot of good info.

  • Many thanks for the info on evdev. I thought it wasn't being used since evdev-joystick --l doesn't show anything, but the gamepad was being assigned to /dev/input/eventX

    I ended up using this solution:

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