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Remove sound effects from a theme?

  • I'm using a theme called comic book. It plays a sound effect related to the system whenever a game is launched. Is there an easy way to disable that? I tried just renaming/removing the audio files and while it works it does throw an error up about not being able to find it. I'd prefer something neater.

    Thanks in advance

  • Instead of renaming instead replace it with a 1 second empty sound clip?

  • Global Moderator

    @Spectral Why not disable the audio in Emulationstation's menu ?

  • Because I don't want to lose all navigation sounds, I just don't like these specific ones, I think they sound tacky. Plus they vary in audio quality and volume.

    Replacing them with a silent audio file is definitely an option if I can't find a way to stop it from trying to play them.

    Ideally a way to edit the theme so it doesn't try to play them at all.

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