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After Retropie Update, Emulators runs terrible

  • Hello all, im in a kinda bind here. yesterday most emulators worked fine and today i got the idea that i would update everything. however, after the update was done every eulator started to run crappy.
    Snes, nes, psp, psx, every one of them. most started to run at 30, and some even slower, wich started me to think that some strange vsync was in effect, but i went trough most of the configs and everything seems normal. (ofcourse i am a idiot so im sure that i missed something) when i am in the meny the fps counter stays at 60 if that helps.

    Could some one please help me with this mystery?

    Raspberry pi 3+
    "Official Raspberry Pi 3 micro USB Power Supply Unit"
    not sure what retropie verision i am using (i guess current as of 28/05/2019, sorry)(could it be 4.19.42-v7+ ?)
    built ages ago from retropie homepage

    Edit: forgot to add, no power or rainbow icon

    Edit 2 (31/05/19)
    well, it is not any strange vsync. i deleted my config.txt and ran a update in the belife that it would make a new one. while it did so, it was empty. fixed the lag issue tough, also killed all sounds, even in pixel(?)

    Added what i tought would bring the sound back, (dtparam=audio=on(i think it was this one)) sound came back but with the horrible lag again.
    Might add that i did test the 3.5 jack and no sound there either
    was also going to blame the lack of ds3 wireless on the update/config.txt but i see in the forum thats another thing.

    Soooo, im going to redo the whole retropie tonight and see if that fixes everything (fingers cross)

    edit 3 (16/06/2019)
    forgot to update, reinstalling everything seems to have cleared the lag and the music is back. So yeah, tumbs up

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