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[Emu fork] lr-atari800 with fixed keyboard & 4 controllers

  • I found and fixed the bug that prevented typing any characters that needed the SHIFT or CTRL keys. This also opened up lowercase typing, because you can now unlock CAPSLOCK.

    There's a pull request for libretro/lr-atari800. But that hasn't been touched in 10 months, so I don't know when they'll pick it up.

    If anyone wants to build my version because they urgently need the fix, it's at

    This has been merged upstream, so getting my fork is no longer needed.

  • I needed to play M.U.L.E. as it should be played, so... I have added support for four joysticks to my fork of lr-atari800 core.

    To take advantage of this, you just need to set the emulated machine to "Atari 400/800" under Options. The other machine types only had two joystick ports. Be sure to remember to set the two additional joysticks to Atari Joystick, rather than RetroPad.

    Just as before, the additional special hotkeys (Select, Option, virtual keyboard, etc) only work on the first controller.

    A list of the games that support 4 controllers (taken from Atarimania at

    • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by Stuart Smith for Quality Software
    • Aliens a public domain game by ??? using an altered Dandy program
      (the Dandy font and thus the graphics were changed, however,
      the levels remain the same and can be used in both games)
    • Asteroids by Tod Frye for Atari
    • Basketball by Alan Miller for Atari
    • Battle Room (CIA vs. KGB) a public domain game by SNACC
    • Dandy disk by John H. Palevich (Jack Palevich) for APX
    • Depth Warrior by ??? for ROM magazine (Canada) v1n7 ***
    • Floyd of the Jungle by MicroProse (1982 and 1983 releases)
    • GEM by Joel Gluck
    • Killa Cycle by Simon Goodwin & David Muncer
    • Hockey by Gamma Software, (c)1981
    • Major League Hockey by Thorn EMI
    • Major League Soccer by Thorn EMI
    • Maze War by ???
    • Mouse Party by Bill Halsall for New Atari User #39 Aug/Sep 1989
    • M.U.L.E. by Ozark Softscape for Electronic Arts
    • The Return of Heracles by Stuart Smith for Quality Software
    • Road Block / Roadblock by Brian Holness for Compute! v5n7 #38 July 1983
    • Silicon Warrior, developed by The Connelley Group for Epyx
    • Sky Warrior by Jack Chung for ROM magazine (Canada) v1n6
    • Soccer by Gamma Software
    • Survivor by Richard Carr for Synapse
    • Tank Battle by Fred Pinho from Antic magazine:
    • Volleyball by ??? (public domain game written in Atari BASIC)
    • Yellow-Brick-Road by ??? for ROM magazine (Canada) v1n2

    To download a binary of this build:

    cd ~
    sudo wget
    sudo cp /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-atari800/ /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-atari800/
    sudo chmod a+x
    sudo mv /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-atari800/
  • administrators

    Have the changes been submitted upstream? Would be good to have them in the main core. Thanks.

  • I submitted a pull request for the keyboard fix a while back ( That said, it doesn't look like any attention has been paid to the core upstream in many months.

    The controller changes are brand new and a bit more extensive, so I'd rather see them get tried out a bit before submitting a pull request.

  • The keyboard fix and the four controller fix have been merged upstream by the Retroarch folks!

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