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  • can i do that ? inside the emulator ?
    i want it to scan only the folders names games (if not his going inside the folders and its a mess )...
    and ofcurse not one by one...
    thanks for the help :)

  • @shavecat
    I don't know how. It shouldn't be impossible, but the scripts and the programs don't do this.

    The built-in scraper module of EmulationStation can.

    What I have done, is exit ES, then edit the gamelist.xml.
    Copying the metadata from the scraped game in folder, and pasting it to a new folder entry

    		<path>./Chrono Cross/</path>
    		<name>Chrono Cross</name>
    		<image>./media/screenshots/Chrono Cross (Disc 1).png</image>
    		<marquee>./media/marquees/Chrono Cross (Disc 1).png</marquee>
    		<video>./media/videos/Chrono Cross (Disc 1).mp4</video>
    		<developer>Square Enix</developer>
    		<publisher>Square Enix</publisher>
    		<genre>Role playing games</genre>

    But I have only 1 game in my folder. I also change all the discs to read the same media since the scraper generated one for each disc, I delete the extras. It took a couple days to finish, but I also completed the list and games I couldn't scrape.

  • I misinterpreted the question. I'll check to see if there is a sub-folder option.

  • There is an option in skyscraper 'subdirs=true'

    Edit with skyscraper Advanced options, Edit 'config.ini'
    Or edit \configs\all\skyscraper\config.ini

    It is default so remove the pound# and set false.

  • Global Moderator

    @Efriim That option is for scanning the ROMs from the subfolders.

  • @mitu
    Naming the folder after a file with extension might work. Might not.

  • Global Moderator

    @shavecat Create .conf / .sh launchers for your PC games and you'll be able to scrape them.

  • @mitu
    i have too many there to fix every one.
    Im trying to zip them folder to folder then scarpe then and change the zip to a folder (in the gamelist)....

  • Global Moderator

    @shavecat said in PC GAMES SCRAPING only FOLDERS:

    Im trying to zip them folder to folder then scarpe then and change the zip to a folder (in the gamelist)....

    Well, for starters .zip is not a PC recognised extension and 2nd, isn't it easier just to create the empty .conf/.sh files for each game instead of actually zipping them ?

  • @mitu
    Guess u right :

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