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PS3 Controller RP3+ issue

  • @common763
    Yes this makes sense, most of the time it will ask for a password if it is typed wrong. If you have enabled SSH you could log in to the pi and paste the command. Windows 10 has SSH built-in

  • It's not Shane it's someone else.

    I'm about to format my drive to install Windows 64-bit, am I forgetting anything before it all goes?

  • @Efriim I dont think so. It was asking for my pi generic password then? ok. I will try it tonight again. In all honesty why even update if everything is working properly? I wish I hadnt in this scenario. It looks like the names of the emulators changed too. The FBAlpha one now has FBNeo or something like that associated with it which makes me think it is NeoGeo but that is the one I needed to run some Street Fighter games. The icon in my profile is Bobby the Brain Heenan. Thanks for your help.

  • @common763
    It would have asked for the github password of your associated github account if that address was 1 letter off. On the CLI if you press arrow up you can go through the command lines recent shell commands, to look back and edit what typos you can find.

    The updates are usually good and this one in particular doesn't have anything to do with RetroPie mostly because it is the Raspbian distribution that have progressed and allowed this broken module into passing. Almost all of the emulator update packages can be done individually, and are unconnected with the updating of the underlying Raspbian OS. Though I understand, it can be disappointing to find the extra effort in updating becomes the more effort required to undo something.

  • @Efriim ok. I just ran it properly. I dont think it rolled anything back though. I entered the first line and it went to the second one without any other info scrolling down. When I rebooted the controllers still dont work. SO it did something but dont think it brought me back to the state I was prior to update.

  • @common763

    sudo ./ downgrade
    If it is working it will display most everything that it is doing, and it will be a long list and you should be able to tell.

    If it was run without sudo then it probably will not do very much.

    Alternatively you could use sudo rpi-update which will bring the latest kernel and with the working bluetooth, But I don't want to say so and then have something go wrong, I used it and it seemed fine, but I am using a different kernel now.

  • @Efriim I typed in sudo chmod +x instead so will type in the command you suggested...What is the first command for then? If you are irritated with me by now disregard but would be cool to understand.

  • @common763
    This command allows the script to be executed by changing its permissions with chmod:
    sudo chmod +x

    The following are two ways to tell tell the script which of its functions you want to use.
    sudo ./ downgrade
    sudo ./ unblock
    'downgrade' is the downgrade process and this sets up the kernel package holds after it is complete.
    'unblock' is the function that will remove the kernel package holds, allowing kernel updates to happen again.

    You can read the script here, it was contributed by the user psyke83

  • thanks.

  • @Efriim said in PS3 Controller RP3+ issue:

    sudo rpi-update

    ok so I didnt have time to mess with this for a couple days but I started this morning by simply typing in sudo rpi-update and rebooting. bluetooth worked perfectly again on PS3 controller. Thanks for your help. If anyone else has this issue I would do this first and pardon the ignorance if this was obvious.

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