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Retroarch controller order problem

  • Hi folks, I have a Pi setup with a USB arcade stick (DragonRise Generick USB Controller) and a Bluetooth 8bitdo SF30 Pro controller. This is in a mini bartop setup with the DragonRise USB always connected as it's part of the case.

    Both gamepads are configured in EmulationStation.

    Running jstest on /dev/input/js0 shows proper response from the DragonRise Generic USB joystick
    jstest on /dev/input/js1 has the input from the 8bitdo

    I am trying to configure this setup so that Mame uses the arcade stick and NES, SNES, etc. use the 8bitdo.

    I've setup the cores by going to RetroPie, Configuration Editor and setting mame-libretro to use the controller it identifies as the DragonRise (0) as the first in choose joypad order.

    For NES, SNES, etc., I've set the default order so that the 8bitdo (1) is the first joypad.

    I am leaving joypad 2,3,4 unset.

    The problem I'm running into is that when I have this setup this way, going into Mame-Libretro it sees the DragonRise as Player 2 and when I go into NES, SNES (all default libretro cores) etc. it doesn't see the 8bitdo at all but uses the DragonRise Joystick instead.

    I've tried resetting all the retroarch settings to default, deleting the controller config and recreating but nothing seems to get this to work properly if I have both controllers connected.

    Any suggestions on what to look at to figure this out are gladly welcomed.

    Pi Model: 3B+
    Power Supply: 5v 6amp
    RetroPie: 4.4.14
    Built From: Downloaded official build and updated via the Retropie Setup
    USB Devices connected: DragonRise Generic USB Joystick
    Controller used: DragonRise Generic USB Joystick and 8bitdo SF30 Pro

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