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Sony hype 2020 ps5?

  • So obviously Sony had a decent presence at E3 despite not having a conference for themselves. We are all eagerly awaiting their next big announcements. Here are some of my Hope's and predictions for the big return next year.

    First off it's obvious ps5 is on the horizon. I'm sure we will hear more specific news by the end of this year. I am stoked to see the grand unveiling.
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    With the ps5 I would to see at least these 2 launch titles. The next installment of this gen Ratchet and Clank and Horizon Zero Dawn .

    I am also excited to see Sony's next leap in VR.

    What are some of your thoughts and Hope's for the next year of gaming.

  • @askme77 I will buy any console with exclusives i'm interested in (i.e. not available on PC or Switch), i hope the ps5 will be better than the ps4 in that field, for me the ps4 was probably my worst buy ever, there were maybe 3 exclusives i really enjoyed playing on it (persona 5, ni no kuni 2, and unexpectedly horizon zero dawn while it's not my usual kind of game).

  • i converted to a pure retro-gamer in the last 5 years :D
    My last console was the PS3 which was also my first playstation, i never had a PS1 or PS2.
    IMO the lineup of the the PS3 was pretty awesome, i became a real collector and have a lot of special- and collectors editions in cabinets.
    There were soooo great games for this console: i loved "Deadly Premonition", "Rail Fan" & "Rail Fan: Taiwan High Speed". "NIER" was awesome and "Aquanauts Holidays" (i have on of the rare english releases of this game), "Demons Souls" and so many more.

    As the PS4 came to the market i was very disappointed and still am. A lot of Remakes, some nice games, but not a single one that made me buy this system.

    I dont expect that this will Change with the PS5, i am out of business concerning modern games.
    But i am looking forward to the Pi4!!! :D

  • @sirhenrythe5th The PS3 is a fantastic system. It still is my only console in the living room and it still gets a lot of use.
    If you compare the ps4 and ps3 libraries on Gamerankings then you will see the ps3 also has a lot more high scoring games. I sold my ps4 after the ps4pro was feels like a pc now (always upgrading to keep up).

    I might buy the ps5 when the ps vr 2 gets released, as long as it gets more support from AAA games than the ps vr does now. I don't care much about visuals, I think ps3 graphics still look very good (even on my 100 inch projector screen), but VR is something truely different.

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