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  • Hi all.

    I'm just in the process of ordering some bits for a new build and have just read that raspbian buster has been released.

    I don't want to spend hours setting everything up with the current 4.4 retropie if it isn't long before retropie is moved onto buster with a future release (I've always been under the impression it's better to start with new image when the os has been updated, just like I did when it went from Jessie to stretch).

    So basically I'm I best off holding on until Retropie is updated to buster or would it be a easy upgrade if I put 4.4 on for now then upgraded to buster when retropie supports it.

    Thanks in advance

  • administrators

    @robmcc83 I can't speak to it technically but it will likely be the simplest route to start with a fresh image once an image is released based on buster.

    Im pretty sure the Rpi 4 image will be based on buster rather than stretch at least when the powers that be have the time and resources to sort that out. It's the current priority as far as I'm aware (it's certainly mine once it shows up in the post...)

  • Cool.

    I'll hold of putting me new build together for now then and keep using the current one until buster/retropie release.

    At least Debian only release new major releases every 2 years unlike some other distros

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