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UNIQUE Headphone Jack Audio Problem

  • Hardware: RPi 3B
    Power Supply used: 5.25V
    RetroPie Version Used: Retropie 4.4
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: Keyboard, Arcade Controller (x2
    Issue: Every time I plug in my headphones into the RPI, you can hear the splashscreen video (at the start) very well and clear. Afterwards, crazy disrtortion, lag and static. Can anyone please help!

  • @TheBossT You described a similar problem over hdmi in another post, and also something about an added touch screen with script. Have you tried testing the audio with a vanilla installation?

    Try playing an mp3 or something with omx player through the terminal (command line).

    If you get bad audio with that then I can be bad/conflicted drivers, a bad installation, or maybe bad hardware.

  • Yeah, I've tested on a vanilla installation. The audio just is the same all round. :(

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