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Will a 1TB Micro SD card work?

  • Hey everyone

    I purchased a 1TB Micro SD card from China for a very low price (£13!) to see if it would work. It did initially, but gave errors before the card was corrupted. I was wondering if this is because it's likley the card was a cheap fake, or if RetroPie on a Pi 3B+ would struggle?

    Reason I ask is that I'm willing to invest in a real one (for a much higher price) if in theory it should work with such a large filesystem.

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    @Dinsdale More likely because it's a fake ? Are you willing to pay that much ?

  • Yup! Amazon Prime Day coming up so going to see if they drop slightly there, but if they don't I'll still pay it... because I can get the entire PSX catalogue on there, Sega CD, thousands of arcade games, SNES, Mega Drive, you name it.

    I just wanted to make sure the size is supported overall.

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    @Dinsdale I'm not sure someone tested with this size, but if you want more storage, why not consider an external USB stick or an external HDD ?

  • @mitu Now I'm getting a bit ironic (just a bit) ... and where to store those 1TB Iridium/Platinium images?
    Did you consider the new kryptonite image from daneighborhoodz?

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    @cyperghost said in Will a 1TB Micro SD card work?:

    and where to store those 1GB Irdium/Platinium images?

    On the shelf, of course - and preferably in a case, to protect them from dust, humidity, etc.

  • @mitu you are a wise man ;)
    Like Yoda said: Your image stored on the shelf - protect you must from the dark dorces

  • @mitu Like a minimalistic setup, don't fancy an external hard drive poking out the side of my Retroflag case. Plus, I'm limited with space, it's tucked in a little hole and looks nice on display with my PS4.

    Practical suggestions though, to be fair. Lets hope the price drops soon.

  • @Dinsdale 1TB does not sound like a minimalistic setup. Maybe you store some movies on this usually people want to include all system, all images, all preview viedos on such a device. For relieability seperate userdata and rom/movie data then you can build a minimalistic setup.

  • Sorry, I meant physically minimalistic. Small Retroflag Mega Drive case that does everything.

  • @Dinsdale Why not try to see if a msata hdd could be a feasible solution. An msata is small enough to fit inside a normal Raspberry Pi case and that would give your more data available. A typical size is 128 gb. That is if you can get a big enough msata hdd.

    I am in the middle of a process of making it work on my RPI 3b, im just waiting for my msata to usb connector to get home from ebay. :-)

  • I have the same philosophy: just upgraded to 400GB SD-Card and will also go for 1TB, if such systems like DC, Naomi, PSP and Dreamcast should work good with Pi4.
    I also want to keep the system compact without any Sticks or HDDs attached on the Raspberry.

  • if you are paying £13 for a 1TB SD card it HAS to be fake. A 256GB sd card would be fine if you insist on an sd card, BUT spend your money and get a good brand or end up paying twice

    I personally have a 1TB USB 3 portable hard drive, its tiny and about the same size as most PI cases so the PI case should happily sit on top without being noticeable and will easily power from the PI itself, assuming you have a GENUINE power supply that WILL supply 2.5A all day and not a cheap Chinese knock off for £5 that barely managed to charge a mobile phone at 1A never mind a STABLE 2A the PI NEEDS. If you overclock th PI thats even more important. Mine is overclocked to its limit with a big heatsink out th case and tiny fan on top and runs anything that RetroPi with run easily without getting warm. The 1TB drive takes almost everything the PI can run and still have masses of space left. a 512GB would have been enough but I wanted head room for putting films or stuff on, but never did

    I use it mainly for OSMC KODI but do have RetroSMC installed also, and playing 1080p films it manages happily, 4K not a hope. The PI 3 just can't manage it. The PI4 is now out so I'm looking at a drop in upgrade if/when prices drop slightly in a couple of months or so as that appears to be a smart upgrade running at least twice as fast as the PI3 and depending on use upto 3.5times faster and will play 4K films

    Argos have 1 TB USB3 portable drives for £40, and I use an 8GB sd card for installing OSMC and a bit of storage but everything else runs off the external drive. Its even possible to install and run OSMC and RetroPI off the hard drive and use the sd card ONLY for booting so you'll see a big speed increase on loading times

  • @steptoe 1TB SD-Cards are available from SanDisk for about 450 Euro.
    Of course this is much more than a HDD would cost!, but there are Freaks like me and the Threadstarter, that dont want external Hardware connected to the Pi.
    Concerning the loading times: i dont care about that. Imo its fast anyway compared to loading times of a C64 😊
    I does not matter to me if a game loads in 2.5 or 2.2 seconds ☺

    But of course thats my cup of tea, everyone should do as he like!

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