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What else runs on your RetroPie box?

  • I'm curious what apps or uses others have for their RetroPie box when they're not gaming.
    I saw some good uses for the Raspberry Pi in this discussion, but are you running these alongside RetroPie?

    Like others have shared in their posts, I for sure tinker around with the Pi more than I actually play games on it. I'm still a novice when it comes to Linux or programming, so its nice to have a Pi (or three) to learn and play on without putting at risk your "daily driver".

    On my RetroPie box (Raspberry Pi 3B), I also have:

    • OpenVPN -- nice to login through my phone to the home network (usually to mess around with the Pi), but also avoid some of the dangers in using public WiFi (which I rarely do unless the mobile signal is poor)
    • BOINC -- because SCIENCE! I run SETI@Home and Einstein@Home

  • @b3k My Pi 3B+ is for Retropie only, but I have a Zero W as a hermit crab IR cam (they are most active in the dark) suctioned to to an aquarium. That project has been more of a physical tinker to get a zerocam mounted since they do not make a true case/mount for it.

    My next project is to build a ham radio digital voice hotspot just to see how that all works.

  • You can now transform your Raspberry Pi into an all-in-one retro gaming console iTunes Login.

  • @Jennifer4T Yes, but it sits idle most of the day. Not a problem, but I wanted to make use of those wasted CPU cycles. I know Kodi/media center is another popular use.
    Of course there's a limit on what you can do, because you want it to be ready to game when you pick up that controller.
    I guess the RPi is so cheap it's no big deal to have it dedicated to one task.

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