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Help setting up controllers

  • I also added a dolphin light bar in this setup but when i ran that command it was not connected at the time, just trying to take away any confusion.

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    OK, so the keyboard is also registering as a joystick:

    I: Bus=0003 Vendor=0c45 Product=8101 Version=0101
    N: Name="USB USB Device"
    P: Phys=usb-3f980000.usb-1.4/input3
    pi@retropie:~ $ P: Phys=usb-3f980000.usb-1.4/input0
    S: Sysfs=/devices/platform/soc/3f980000.usb/usb1/1-1/1-1.4/1-1.4:1.3/0003:0C45:8101.0005/input/input2
    U: Uniq=
    H: Handlers=event2 js0
    B: PROP=0
    B: EV=1b
    B: KEY=7fff0000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    B: ABS=100 3063f
    B: MSC=10

    That's why it appears in the list of controllers for Emulationstation and also in RetroArch.
    What kind of keyboard is it ? Maybe it has a switch to toggle functions off (like toggling the JS off) ?

  • Keyboard is an H20 Mini Wireless Keyboard and Joystick, only option is to turn it on and off. I have ordered another type of keyboard still a combo deal just to see if it make a difference. I cant figure out what else i can o from my end? any other suggestions? i appreciate all your help

  • correction h20 keyboard and touchpad not a joystick.

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    Try setting the controllers' order through the Advanced Configuration Editor. Edit the options for all libretro emulators and change the controller order.

  • I tried that already but i'll try that again and see what happens. ty

  • How do you suggest i setup and plug in the controllers

    1.) Xin - mo - top left
    2.) Dolphin bar -Bottom left
    3) Keyboard- Top Right
    4) Nothing


    also should i configure the keyboard as the last controller?

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    @hangin The Xin Mo are actually 2 controllers, so I'd add them first, then the Dolphinbar. I'd leave the keyboard alone for now and test if this configuration works.

  • i got it to work, after i updated retroarch as well as the drivers. I believe this may have been a bug in the retroarch version i was using. Once i updated it auto detected everything. Thanks for all your help.

  • Dolphin bar help setup. controller setup

    I recently installed a dolphin bar and wi-mote and cannot get it to work in combination with Name lightgun games. The bar is seen by the PI as well as my 2 joysticks and a keyboard. It seems that I can use the "Dpad" on the Wii mote and will move the target sight within the games, however i cannot get the pointer to move when moving the remote.

    I have the dolphin bar set on mode 1 and the wii has two lights side-by-side on them and have tried different modes to try and get it working. I also changed the mouse input index on player 3 and player 4, to "0" and "1" they were all set to zero previous. These are the 2 inputs that i have both the wi-mote and keyboard, i did this within the retoarch.cfg file (not sure that's the correct file for Mame).

    any help is appreciated on this subject, seems to me that there is a conflict between the keyboard and mouse being on the same index, however when I change them to "0" and "1" i seem to get the same result, to be able to only use the Dpad. all the other buttons seem to respond. thanks for all the help once again.

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