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35 years later --- AMSTRAD CPC ... typed in games from magazines

  • Hello all,
    my first computer was an AMSTRAD CPC and inside the manual (which where at the time more than just a manual, it was a github/wikipedia/discord/reddit all in one publication) were always games located you had to manually type in your mashine.

    So I was in luck and found one diskimage with a small game I played long in my youth and that I typed (hacked??) in several times ... disk space was rare at this time.

    Improvements made

    • Setup of skill and speed by joystick up/down, confirm with fire button
    • Setup of skill and speed with keyboard if you press enter
    • Drop bomb with fire button or space bar
    • Next game play with fire or spacebar
    • Save highscore to image file (if core supports this)

    Have fun ;)


    SOURCECODE 2019 modifications: Yes this was coding without loops and pops



    The Story

    The Skill / Speed Selection (improved, move joystick up and down, confirm with fire button)

    The GamePlay

    The End

  • @cyperghost This is great! I need to load up this emulator and play some of these old games. Your story reminds me of all the SYNTAX ERRORs I used to get on my first Commodore 64 when manually entering code from the books. Thank you for this reminder!

  • @KN4THX Yes weird times.... But with some educational usage. Sadly that the BASIC interpreter was not standardized on each mashine and the code structure was soooo bad in design. Think about PYTHON on those mashines - or C-code ;)

    C64 was also not so bad ;) Simply more games ;)

  • @cyperghost I also had a used TRS 80 but not an Amstrad CPC. I wish I still had them all along with my cassette and 20lb floppy disk drive. It would be fun to go back and look at the BASIC differences (which I can now do on the Pi of course).

    Python would have been a big step up :)

    It's amazing what 64KB of RAM could do back then.

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