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Metal Slug Slowdowns RPi3

  • Hello,

    Just testing out Metal Slug games on my RPi3. I set it to FBA or FBA-next and I get massive slowdowns. Anyone else getting this? I have no shaders or anything on, just default.

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    You should provide more information when posting -

    What PSU do you have ? (5v 2.5a etc)

  • PSU: AC adapter 5V 2.5A

    Pi Model: 3 Model B
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.0 beta 2
    Built From: SD Image
    USB Devices connected: MS wired keyboard
    Controller used: Saitek P880 gamepad
    Error messages received: N/AP
    Guide used: N/AP
    File: mslug, mslug2
    Emulator: lr-FBA-next
    Attachment of config files: main retroarch config is what you want? not sure but:!AluYjzvuXNufgwsY7b77j5yIbcvp
    How to replicate the problem: play metal slug series games at default

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    PSU sounds ok, but it's still possible the USB cable is not good enough - do you have any rainbow square at the top right ?

    Have you played with system clock speed ? Please can you post the output of cat /var/log/syslog and dmesg - have you changed any other configurations ?

    You could try lowering render resolution (from the configuration editor -

  • I dont see anything abnormal about the picture in any mode or screen. I have not played with clock speed. When I exited emulation station and type that command, my Pi is now scrolling a ton of logs from dates and then stopped. Not sure how to get you that info (noob). No I havent changed anything. I only played with video smoothing to soften the game image and then disabled it to try and gain performance for Metal Slug. Most games run really nice actually.

    It happens when a lot of enemies come on screen and explosions etc. The game slows way down and picks back up with less going on.

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    You can copy and paste the logs over ssh or do

    dmesg >/home/pi/dmesg.txt
    cat /var/log/syslog >/home/pi/syslog.txt

    and then copy the .txt files off

    Perhaps you create a video to demonstrate - it might be that the game just does slowdown. I've not played it recently.

    Did you try lowering render resolution as suggested ? eg to 640x480 to see if that helps with performance

  • @GreenHawk84 I do have shaders enabled on the Pi3 and I don't notice the slowdown you describe using lr-fba-next. I haven't played it often enough to be sure there would be no issues. Are you referring to all of the games in the series or Metal Slug 2? Metal Slug 2 had issues on the original hardware - It turns out that somehow the game logic was being updated TWICE per screen refresh, while the graphics were up dated ONCE. This caused the weird choppiness of the video. The game play is not in sync with the graphics! Since we are dealing with hardware emulation, this would probably be replicated? I am no expert on this though and since we have quad core processors running over 1GHz, maybe these issues would be masked?

    is a video demonstrating this. Metal Slug X was released to replace it with the slowdown fixed. Issue described here. Maybe you could try the PSX version and compare?

  • I get slowdowns too but only sometimes. It looks more like a frame drop, it returns back to normal after a couple seconds. I'm using the same emulator and hardware as you. For me it's no biggie. I think overclocking might solve this problem? In the future I will buy a big heatsink with a cooler to test it out.

  • @rbaker yes that video depicts exactly the issue at the exact moment it happens.

    Metal Slug 1 has similar issues but not as badly. Maybe I need to try Metal Slug X. Ill report back, I have to go for now.

  • Playing Metal Slug X appears to be a heck of a lot smoother. I was reading that Mslug 2 can be overclocked but I have no idea how to set that in Retropie.

  • @GreenHawk84 I have tested the PSX version of Metal Slug X. I cannot tell the difference between it an the FBA emulation. Seems that version X is basically version 2 with enhanced graphics anyway. Both seem to play really well.

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    @GreenHawk84 said in Metal Slug Slow RPi3:

    It happens when a lot of enemies come on screen and explosions etc. The game slows way down and picks back up with less going on.

    this is just how metal slug is :) that's 100% accurate to the real hardware.

    i think you can reduce it by overclocking the emulated neogeo speed in the core options of the emulator, but IMO best to stay authentic...

  • So playing Metal Slug X again with a friend today, using lr-FBA-next, we saw some significant slowdowns with a lot happening on the screen and big bosses coming in. Perhaps I will look into the NeoGeo overclock. This is really annoying.

  • @GreenHawk84 There was a lot of slowdown on Metal Slug 2, this is why Metal Slug X was created, to correct these issues. Not sure why you would be experiencing slowdown in X though. Runs perfect on my Pi 3 using lr-fba-next.

  • I own an Neogeo mvs , reasons slug works slow is due to ram off the top of my head the game is 1gb ish this needs to be loaded into ram.

    The huges neo games will be a problem for the pi. Google the game you want to play look at a aes cart box via images search and it will have the my count on the cover. This will be a guide as to what games could cause issues.

    Also mslug games will have slow downs mslug 1 slowdowns are due to the code in the roms when the game was made (no fix) unless you over clock on pc .

    A lot of neogames had slow down to some degree to be 100% you need it too. I have the orignal hardware and the game will cost you over £500 alone and that's with slowdown . Much cheaper using a pi

  • @Charco, do you use any shaders or filters?

  • @GreenHawk84 no shaders or filters

  • I think maybe in combination with individual gamer's tolerance and perception of "slowdown" we may have different experiences. I don't think Metal Slug becomes unplayable, it's just annoying. I definitely need to go home and try out a few things today.

  • I would really like to point this out as a massive Metal Slug fan myself: These games slow-down even in the original/official arcade models. Some issues were "fixed" in Metal Slug X and XX

  • No offence but I own the real cart there is no perception there is slowdown it's simply fact your emulation may be 100% accurate if it lags at certain parts (you can use it to your advantage).
    trying to run it with a no lag setup means it isn't accurate but it will sound diffrent due to spead boost and it will still lag but almost 60fps experience but not correct.

    Simple answer to the this is if the sound is still ok but you get some slowdown that's your aim . If it slow all the time it's the piq

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