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Retroarch Config File Editing For Ipac

  • Hi guys. I have managed to get my Ipac up and running with all buttons etc wired up correctly and the buttons mapped etc.

    I now need to update the config file. I have gone to /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.config but in that file it only gives me player 1 options. Theres no sign of player 2 or any hotkeys, example code below.

    Keyboard input, Joypad and Joyaxis will all obey the "nul" bind, which disables the bind completely,

    rather than relying on a default.

    input_player1_a = "shift"
    input_player1_b = "z"
    input_player1_y = "alt"
    input_player1_x = "ctrl"
    input_player1_start = "num1"
    input_player1_select = "num2"
    input_player1_l = "x"
    input_player1_r = "space"
    input_player1_left = "left"
    input_player1_right = "right"
    input_player1_up = "up"
    input_player1_down = "down"

    input_player1_l2 =

    input_player1_r2 =

    input_player1_l3 =

    input_player1_r3 =

    Am I looking in the correct place and looking at the correct file?? Do I just add my own player 2 & hotkey section.


  • Global Moderator

    @Lugzyboy82 said in Retroarch Config File Editing For Ipac:

    Am I looking in the correct place and looking at the correct file?? Do I just add my own player 2 & hotkey section.

    You can add your own P2 section with the right mappings at the end of the file. Just use the P1 as an example and add the configuration options, replacing player1 with player2.

  • @mitu Hey Mitu, hope you are well. So just copy and paste the section, change player 1 to player 2 and enter the relevant corresponding button.

    What about the hotkeys?

  • you problem is likely that the ipac-2 is a keyboard encoder and not a joystick.

    you can install Xarcade2Joystick and it should work as 2 separate joysticks.

  • @Halvhjearne that is correct. It is a keyboard encoder. Is this a file/program I just download from the internet?

  • @Lugzyboy82

    its already in retropie, you just need to download and install it in the retropie setup

  • @Halvhjearne I have installed Xarcade2Joystick, where do I configure the settings?

  • @mitu hey. Did you come up with any ideas for creating the hotkeys?

  • @Lugzyboy82

    if the ipac-2 is now recognized as 2 joysticks, then you just need to remap buttons in emulationstation, if it is not recognized, then there is a file you can edit (tbh i cant remember how in details) to make it recognize any keyboard encoder as 2 joysticks.

    xarcade2joystick also has an options for hotkeys, but they can be a bit annoying and personally i removed them from the script and just used select+start.

  • @Halvhjearne hey buddy. Its not recognizing it. I cant find any guidance on the internet either. I know what you mean about the hotkeys. I just need to set hotkeys up to exit ROMs and Systems.

  • @Lugzyboy82

    sorry, but its been a while since i messed with this and i cant find it right now.
    iirc there is 2 ways for this to work, 1 is by using a switch parameter with the program and one is to edit a file i cant remember.

    maybe try this:

    xarcade2joystick -?

  • @Lugzyboy82

    from what i can see in the code, it should support ultimarc out the box, but the support for any keyboard encode was never actually merged with the main branch.
    sorry for the misunderstanding.
    however, you can get it from the guy who made the edits to allow it to capture any keyboard encoder here:

  • @Halvhjearne

    Thanks for getting back to me. Still cant get this to work. Im going to have to research this further as I am sure that Im not the only one to experience these issues. Im going to try what @mitu suggested but I just need to know what to do about the hotkeys.

  • @Lugzyboy82

    from the github i linked:

    - Added -e switch : start like "xarcade2jstick -e /dev/input/event4" to catch a specific event

    if this is the newer version of ipac, you should also be able to configure it as 2 gamepads with the software in windows, that should solve you problem aswell.

  • @Halvhjearne

    Just reading through all the documents in the link you supplied earlier. Its all starting to make sense now. I suppose it makes sense to access the files and folders using WinSCP on my laptop?

  • @Halvhjearne

    From your experience, is it better to copy and paste the code from the link????

  • @Halvhjearne

    Think I have answered my own question. Is it just a case of deleting the red lines and replacing these with the green?

  • @Lugzyboy82

    you are supposed to use the git commands or download it from the github page, but have you actually tried to use the windows software from ultimarc to upgrade firware and/or configure the controller?

    you should be able to configure it as 2 gamepads and then you wont need to use xarcade2joystick.

  • @Halvhjearne

    I think we are getting our wires crossed buddy. Let me try and explain, I have configured my ipac2 using the winipac software successfully. This works fine. What I am trying to do now is get rotroarch to recognise my controls. I understand that I have to update the retroarch config file. I have located the file and found the section where I need to enter the corresponding buttons to get my controls to work. Only thing is there is now player 2 section which @mitu said just copy and paste the player 1 section an update accordingly. 2nd thing is its not giving me an option for hotkeys. Im not to bothered about these but will require a hotkey to exit games and systems.

    Does this make sense?

  • @Lugzyboy82

    from the config file, it looks like it is still configured as a keyboard encoder and not a joystick, considdering it has ctrl, alt and shift configured as buttons or is this leftovers from before you used the windows software to configure the ipac?

    have you tested the joysticks using jstest and have you configured the controllers in emulationstation?

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