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Emulator sound issues

  • Hi all...on all my emulator games there is a sound issue with the sound stopping for a split second every 5 seconds or so. The music etc is never doesn't affect anything, so very annoying...anyone have a possible solution please? Thanks

  • @Gazmeister
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    and possibly the hdmi tv-set.

  • @Efriim hi it's a build from Retrodroid, an odroid xu4, running retropie and emulation station, the TV is a samsung ks8000, I'm new to retropie.thanks

  • So, I am hearing 1) Not a raspberry pi and 2) a third party image. Both of those are not supported here.

  • While not Raspberry Pi is supported (there are numerous x86 topics here) third party images are not ever supported here. You should reach out to Retrodroid with your problem they know how it was configured and should be able to help you.

  • @Gazmeister said in Emulator sound issues:

    Retrodroid, an odroid xu4

    Thats tough, I don't notice a lot of XU4 users here, and I don't know anything about them. XU4 forum is a better idea.

    Perhaps updating the kernel, to the latest.

    Is there any sort of config.txt for the kernel options, like as on the raspberry pi? Usually for overclock, or hdmi configuration, also kernel overlays modules.

    there is a uboot.ini for XU4, and I didn't look far into it, there may be some configuration here that simply works

    How long of an hdmi cable just out of absurdity? I think a very long 50ft hdmi could have problems like that. TVs okay probably, but maybe there is 4k upscaling(?) interference, switch it to a "Game" or "Graphic" mode if you already haven't. Maybe disable 4k options if possible.

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