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  • Pi Model: 3b+
    Power Supply used: (5.2V 2.5A)
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4.12
    Built From: (Base image )
    USB Devices connected: 4 joysticks usually (3 joysticks and a keyboard for debugging)
    Controller used: both
    Error messages received:
    Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (not present):
    Guide used: (Mention if you followed a guide)

    I used to launch a game and the screen would go black. or show a loading screen if enabled for a few seconds then along the bottom I would see in yellow text that the emulator was loading the config files and the rom would play. After the splash screen if I pressed "a" button on any of the joysticks a menu option would pop up allowing me to select what emulator to use. I am no longer able to get into that menu when I press any button on my joysticks unless I have menu enabled on launch in the runcommand options and then an ugly window pops up each time I start a rom and doesn't go away unless I plug in a keyboard and press esc. The joystick buttons don't seem to register to bring up the menu anymore or allow me to enter/esc. if it's enabled on launch.

    I don't want to see the startup menu each time I start a game but I want to be able to access it still by pressing a button before the rom loads. I had it functioning like this when I had video loading screens but in the process of turning them off seem to have messed up the menu trigger function.

    Can someone please tell me what file/config I need to edit in order to return to how I had it setup. I don't wanna revert to an old image and loose 40gb of custom games/settings. thank you in advance. I have tried re-enabling the video loading screens but have the same result. no menu at all, or a popup window I can't get past unless I unplug one of the joysticks and plug in a keyboard. Any advice is appreciated.

  • @Smythius You are using a 3rd party customized image and you will always run into some trouble by using this. So two starting points ....
    1. Grap the official one from here
    2. Ask the seller/vendor for support

  • @cyperghost I am curious what line you read in the OP's text that leads you to believe that. He said '40GB of custom games/settings', but I think he means that he has put a lot of work into his current setup and wants to fix it without starting all over again.

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