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EmulationStation Mixing Up Folders

  • I have noticed that if my video clips reside in my video folder, everything plays fine in ES. However, if I remove them or delete this folder, you would expect this part of the theme to simply default to the next available media (which would be the screenshots in "images") right? But it doesn't.

    Instead, the theme simply displays a second copy of the cover art from the "box2dfront" I've checked my gamelist.xml, and it has paths for everything set here. The <image> pulls from ./media/images/, the <thumbnail>./media/box2dfront/, etc.

    Wondering why it's behaving like this? Sometimes I need screenshots, other times I need vids.

  • @AlphaBetaPie

    If you're making a lot of changes why not set things up how you want them, delete the gamelist.xml, and then scrape from scratch?

    You can also delete metadata from individual games with the Select button and then rescrape that game.

  • Thanks for the follow up. However, I'm slightly confused by what you're saying here. It should probably be noted, I'm on a desktop making all this work at present, not a RetroPie (will set that up later, once design stuff is done). So I'm using SkraperUI_Beta8 to do my art scraping on my desktop. It scrapes my collection fresh and assigns the folder/meta data as needed. The problem seems not from the XML, but how the theme handles the labels? Does that make sense?

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