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I can't get RetroPie to work AT ALL

  • Currently I use Lubuntu 18.04 but I also tried it with 18.10 and the newest version of Mint, forgot the exact version number. Doesn't matter though because nothing worked so far

    I forgot how to make screenshots on linux so enjoy this photograph of my screen:

    Idk what to do. I followed everything correctly, reinstalled every core multiple times and even installed a fresh new version of Lubuntu multiple times. Checked the gamelists, installed other themes, updated EVERYTHING. Why won't the UI load properly? And why doesn't a single emulator core work? Doesn't matter which ROM on which emulator I try, it just opens a terminal with the standard "errors are logged at xyz" message (checked the file, NO ERRORS) and instantly closes.

    I wasted at least 20 hours over the last 2 days on this and I'm this close to losing my sh!t.

    My guess is that it's the hardware. The CPU is stone old; Pentium 4 to be exact with currently no graphics card. I just don't understand why I can install and run every 32 bit Program on this old PC and it works just fine EXCEPT RetroPie/EmulationStation/RetroArch

    If somebody could help me I would really appreciate it. I just wanna finish this project for my homie, it shouldn't be that hard

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    @KantenKant please add more info about your hardware. From the look of your screenshot, looks like insuficient video RAM.

  • @mitu

    -Pentium 4 HT 3.0E
    -2gb 333 Mhz RAM
    -No GPU (right now, will try a few soon)

    Yes, I guess VRAM is most likely the issue. Perhaps the modern OS not cooperating properly with the old architecture could add up to the problems

  • Here's a collection of methods to determine the video ram of a Linux system:

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